Water and Fountain Museum

The Water and Fountain Museum (Musée de l’Eau et de la Fontaine) was created in 1989 thanks to Jean-Pierre Courtois, the current director’s, passion for water and fountains in particular. Sources of life and meeting places, these fountains, which were once a public utility, have often been neglected. They tell of times past and are filled with an ethnographic and often aesthetic or social value which this museum brings into focus.

The unique nature of this museum lies in its theme: water. Indeed, very few museums in Belgium are dedicated to this precious liquid and it is the only one to possess collections based on this theme.

The Water and Fountain Museum uses the water theme in various areas: man’s domestication of water, direct and indirect water consumption, water in Africa, water in Belgium, tap water, water for the young scientist, the weather, the pond and its biodiversity, water in music, water in art, the planet’s water, aquatic myths, etc.

Temporary exhibitions are held in the club space and the estate park thanks to the object of the month and the educational family circuit «Hunting for blue gold».

The museum’s education service welcomes school groups in the rooms located above the cafeteria of the Provincial Estate of the Forest of Dreams (Domaine provincial du Bois des Rêves). Family activities are also organised at weekends, on Wednesday afternoons and during school holidays. The museum’s collection, made up of around 600 pieces linked mainly to the history of water distribution, is in storage for the time being pending construction of new buildings.

The Water and Fountain Museum
Allée du Bois des Rêves 1
1341 Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve
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