Pedestrian walks

In the heart of the Lauzelle Forest

The Lauzelle Forest (Bois de Lauzelle) has three marked routes, created by the UCL, strewn with information panels and games. The Flora and Fauna trail (2.9 km) looks at certain aspects of animal and vegetable life in the Forest. The Forest trail (3.7 km) focuses on the development of the forest in the current ecological context and on the role it plays in our lives. The “soggy bottom” circuit (1 km) will introduce you to the flora, fauna and ecosystem of this special place.

A map of the walking routes with brief descriptions is available for free at the Inforville Tourist Information Office.

Group guided tours can be organised on request by the forest ranger or a specialised guide. (=> see guided tours)

The detailed map is available for free at the Inforville Tourist Information Office.
You can also download the walking map of Lauzelle Forest (pdf).

The Forest of Dreams Estate

The Provincial Estate of the Forest of Dreams (Domaine Provincial Bois des Rêves) is one of the major tourist attractions in the Walloon Brabant province.

A huge stretch of forest, 17 km of walking trails, a marked circuit for walkers and joggers connecting the Forest of Dreams to the Lauzelle Forest, a closed-circuit mountain-bike trail, a fishing lake and an exercise trail are also available for your enjoyment.

The Estate’s infrastructure includes a huge car park, a playground for children aged between 2 and 13, two outside swimming pools, a picnic area, a medical facility, a water purification plant, an educational area and a riding track that runs alongside the reserve.

A fun, educational book aimed at parents and children, on sale in the Tourist Office, «On the robin’s trail» gives a better insight into nature and the forest, leading walkers along a marked and educational trail.

Promotional leaflets and information sheets regarding the estate are also available. Staff are on hand to help you find the educational area and the reserve.

The map of the estate is available for free on request at the Inforville Tourist Information Office. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

The birds around the lake

Many species of bird make a migratory stop at the Louvain-la-Neuve lake and others are there on a more regular basis: water hens, Canada geese, Egyptian geese, herons and great crested grebes mingle on the lake and there has even been a sighting of a white pelican!

The path known as the “daydream of the solitary walker” «Rêverie du promeneur solitaire» in reference to a René Magritte painting, allows you to walk right around the lake.

«Works of art in the city»

A sleeping beauty, a hitchhiker, a child, a hand, a naked body, a cross, a portico, a bicycle wheel, a shrine, a stone garden, primitive forms, murals, etc. These sometimes curious representations are hidden all over the city for passers-by to look at.

Four public art routes on the territory of Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve take you from the city centre to the scientific parks, via more bucolic by-ways. Hundreds of works of art can be found on foot, by bike, by car, alone or with friends!

A pleasure for the eyes that you can prolong thanks to the guidebook “Art in the city”, on sale in three languages for 3.5€ at the Inforville Tourist Information Office.

The Ottignies countryside

The City has updated a file containing walking maps of Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve. 10 routes will take you all over the municipality, including Rofessart, Petit-Ry, Buston, Pinchart, Céroux, and one to the hamlets of Ferrières et de la Fontenelle, Mousty , Bois des Rêves, Bois de Lauzelle, to Ottignies centre and Louvain-la-Neuve.

A new walking route is suggested in the Bois de l'Escavée.

"A city in the country. Walks..." (in French), is on sale for 2.50€ at the Inforville Tourist Information Office.

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